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1. When you set goals you should:

focus on what you want
focus on what you don't want
set goals that focus on one area of your life
realize that there is only one way to set goals that will work

2. The purpose of the "objective" is to:

make sure you have an action verb
provide orientation and direction to the topic
make sure you clarify the objective

3. The Goal ... (check all that apply):

Choice 1is the measurable target
Choice 2includes a positive clarified objective
Choice 3must be written in the sequence where the goal follows the complete objective
Choice 4has a time-limit

4. To "Energize" your goals you would:

write them on a form
use imagery, emotion and affirmations
think about them in a calm relaxed manner

5. With imagery you:

do not involve all the senses
can substitute it with visualization
imagine the "end result"

6. A "Positive Objective" has these components:

an action verb, an object, and clarifying information
positive objective, measurable target, and a time-limit
Imagery, emotion, and affirmations

7. When defining a strategy: (check all that apply)

strategy includes an action plan
action plan statements can be written as objectives, steps, or as complete goal statements
action plan items from the strategy should be transferred to your calendar if you're responsible for completing them
every strategy has to have at least five steps

8. There is only one right way to set goals:


9. It's true about deployment strategies that ... (check all that apply):

Choice 1Resources and Sources are the same thing
Choice 2just because you know the Resource you need doesn't mean that you have a source for it
Choice 3if the Resource is a person, you should check to make sure s/he can provide what you need before you include them.
Choice 4when you take on a goal, your boss automatically knows what other assignments won't get done or will be delayed or will need to be reassigned.

10. When thinking about goals in different areas of your life:

you should only have one short-range, one mid-range and one long-range goal in each area
replace them with new goals as you accomplish them
you should keep to setting goals in just one area of your life

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