Goal Wheel

Set goals in many areas of your life to maintain balance.

There are many ways to organize the different areas of your life that are important to you and important to others in your life.

  • Personal (mental, physical, spiritual)
  • Family (immediate, relatives)
  • Social (friendships, networks)
  • Professional (education, career path)
  • Financial (income, wealth management, retirement)
  • Possessions (car, boat, house, computer, bicycle, clothes)
  • Lifestyle (modern, conservative, country, urban, suburban, sophisticated, stylish)

Attempt to align your goals so that they become mutually supportive rather than in conflict with each other.

For example, modifying your lifestyle could lead to one that enables greater outdoor activities and helps to achieve a personal physical fitness goal. Whereas, spending all your available time pursuing one goal leaves little energy left for anything else that’s important to you.

Writing goals helps you focus on what you want. It enables the subconscious mind to find opportunities for you to get what you want.

Look at each of the different areas of your life and see what you’ve got. That will tell you what you’re focusing on and what you’re not focusing on. To attain the greatest levels of achievement create mutually supportive goals.

One of the "self-talk" affirmations, I do the most productive thing possible every moment of the day, can really begin to cause us problems if we only focus on setting goals in one area of our life. For example, if you only set goals for your work life, then you will become very accomplished in that arena. But what will you give up for that?

Review the “Goal Wheel” and consider gaining balance in your life. You do this by setting goals in each of the different areas of your life which could include:


Set one short-range goal, one mid-range goal and one long-range goal for each area of your life that is important to you!

Remember, you begin to achieve your long-range goals by the actions you take today. For example, you've heard people, in their later years, say that they wish they had started investing for their future earlier in life, even if it were just a couple of dollars a month. By taking action now, you'll succeed in achieving your goal that may be set for 30 years from now.

Once you accomplish a goal in any area, replace it with another.

Some examples in no particular order:

Have a special event of any duration every week Create a prosperity mentality and strong money matter habits Design a healthy nutrition plan. Eat healthy
Live, teach and instill select values Spend wisely Select hobbies that will keep me active and engaged.
Maintain a close positive relationship of love and trust Plan, invest and save for long-term financial security Exercise to maintain health

Once you've identified your objectives, take and turn them into full blown goal statements complete with action plans, resources and motivation strategy.

Quick Quiz

Goal directed actions you take today can make your long-term goals come true

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