3 - Deployment Strategy - RESOURCES

ClockThe next component of the deployment strategy is to account for any resources you'll need and the source of those resources.

In some instances you'll want to consider both Primary as well as Secondary resources and sources. If the primary resource (or source of that resource) is not available, you'll have to find an alternative or secondary resource (source).

Just as when you're traveling down the primary road you take to work each day and find it blocked. You don't turn around and go home. You find an alternative route to take. You have a goal (get to work at starting time) and you may need to find a secondary resource if the primary one is not available.

One of the most important resource you can get is time! Often we have everything except the time to pull it all together. Be sure you always allocate adequate time to complete each of the steps in the action plan.

Examples of some Resources you may need include:

Examples: Primary and Secondary (alternative) Resources


  • People with knowledge
  • Mentor with previous experience
  • Time: 200 hours

Human Resources budget

  • Hire with skills
  • Supervisor
  • Transfer current assignments to other staff in department


  • Prescribed method of work
  • Sequence and time of resource utilization
  • Email list
  • Bound project report


  • Project management standards guide book
  • Special Work Flow Charts (PERT / GANT)
  • Project manager distribution list
  • Local copy company


  • Facilities of what nature and size (a place to work on your goal)
  • Equipment of what type and quantity
  • Materials of what type and quantity


  • Office space on first floor in building B
  • Office equipment (included in office space)
  • Flip charts, markers, etc.


  • Support from other departments
  • Resource directories, mailing lists


  • Project management
  • Company Library



1. Take inventory of where you are now. What resources do you have available to you now that are needed to achieve your goal?

2. If other people are going to be affected, then get them involved. Let them know what you plan to do and ask for their help and support.

3. Be aware of what you will "not" be doing or getting while carrying out your action plan.

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Use the Goal Setting Form you started earlier to continue the process by adding your RESOURCES

Quick Quiz
Which of the following are true about Deployment Strategy Resources (Check all that are true)
Resources and sources are the same thing
just because you know the resource you need doesn't mean that you have a source for it
if the resource is a person, you should check with them to make sure they can provide what you need before you list them
when you take on a goal your boss automatically knows what other assignments won't get done

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