Deployment Strategy - ACTION PLAN

ChessThe deployment strategy has two components:

  • Action plan - discussed below
  • Resources - discussed on next page

Strategy: A game plan that identifies and lists the action items or key steps necessary to achieve the goal. Includes "what" to do, "when" to do it, and a measurement of how you know it's done.

Action items can be stated as topic areas or as complete objectives or goals.

[Resources that you don't have readily available may also be required, especially time. See next page for a complete discussion on resources.]

Example Goal Statement and Action Plan

Measurable Target (Goal)
Increase the number of closed service tickets ... ... by 10 per week ... ... by March 20xx


Task - Action Item - Steps
1. Review list of service tickets that take the longest to resolve to uncover what they have in common. Jan. 5, 20xx List of characteristics
2. Analyze the reason for the delays in resolving the issues. Jan. 6, 20xx List of reasons
3. Develop a plan to expedite the resolution of these problems that cause delays and meet with my manager to discuss and select cost-effective options Feb. 1, 20xx

Plan with optional ideas for resolving problems that usually take longer than they should to resolve.
Meeting Agenda developed.

4. Schedule meeting with manager. Feb. 5, 20xx Meeting scheduled.
5. Attend meeting. Feb 7, 20xx Options selected.
Feedback process defined.
Action plan approved by manager.
6. Track progress results Weekly Tracking form completed each week.
7. Develop compelling reasons and positive affirmations to motivate my success. Daily List of reasons to succeed. List of positive "self-talk" statements of affirmation.

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Use the Goal Setting Form you started earlier to continue the process by adding your ACTION PLAN

Transfer your action items into your calendar on the dates they will need to be done to be able to have them completed by the "when" due date you assigned.

Quick Quiz
Which of the following are included in how we're defining strategy (Select all that apply):
strategy includes an action plan
action plan statements can be written as objectives, steps, or as complete goal statements
action plan items from the strategy should be transferred to your calendar if you're responsible for completing them
every strategy has to have at least five steps

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