Measurable Target ... The GOAL

RulerA goal is the measurable target of the objective. It includes a specified due date for the measurement(s) to take place.

The well written goal statement has three components:

  • Positive Objective - action oriented with a clarified topic
  • Measurable target (the goal itself)
  • Time-Limit
Example Goal Statements
Clarified Objective
Measurable Target (Goal)
Increase the number of contacts with previous customers to 10 per week by January 20xx.
Increase safety record in all facilities we own to 100% time on the job without incident by end of this month.
Contact current customers to include all 3,345 named in the database by end of the 3rd quarter.

Practice Writing Goal Statements
Clarified Objective
Measurable Target (Goal)
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Use the Goal Setting Form to learn to develop Positive Goals that work

Instructions to complete the Goal Setting form will continue through Step Five of this course.

Select this link to access the Goal Setting Form ... (PDF version)

Quick Quiz
The Goal is the:
Measurable target
Time-limit to achieve the objective

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