Theater MasksThere are certainly many acceptable forms of goal statements, action plans, measurements and so on.

What we'll focus on in this course is one that is consistently successful in clarifying and organizing goals in many areas of a persons life - Positive Goals.

A "positive goal" is one that is focused on what you want rather than what you don't want. For example, "increase wins" rather than "decrease losses." You attract the object of your focus. If your focus is on "wins" then that's what you get. If your focus is on "losses" then that's what you get. Read that statement again. It's important.

Goals that work consist of:

1. Positive Objective

  • Positive Action Verb
  • Positive Object (of the action)
  • Clarifying information

2. Measurable Target (Goal)

  • Quantifiable
  • Time-Limited

3. Deployment Strategy

  • Action plan
  • Resources

4. Energizing your goal

  • Imagery
  • Emotion
  • Affirmations

Quick Quiz
When you set goals, you should:
focus on what you want
focus on what you don't want
set goals that focus on one area of your life
realize that there is only one way to set goals that will work

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