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Below 85 of the most common sales stopping objections are listed and categorized by the 10 Buyer Beliefs.

When a specific Buyer Belief is missing or weak, it causes a specific objection.

Select the objections you get and note them by the missing Buyer Belief.

Custom develop ways to prevent, preempt, and respond to them. Create your own archives.

Check back for additional objection strategies. We'll continue to systematically update and add to the list below. Or, you can select the Gold Buy Online button on the home page and get access to all strategies and tactics today. Questions or comments? bob@saleshelp.com

Objections - Preventing and Responding

Missing Belief: Need Exists

1. Not Interested.
2. Already have someone.
3. We are satisfied with our current supplier.
4. Don't need it.
5. We do it internally with our own people.
6. I can't use anymore ________.

Missing Belief: Responsibility & Authority

7. My boss won't authorize anything.
8. It will never get through the system.
9. I have to consult with ________.
10. That's not my area.
11. That has value, but not for me.
12. Home office requires we use ______.
13. We have to use your competitor.
14. He/she isn't here anymore.

Missing Belief: Discomfort Felt

15. Just send me your literature.
16. Don't have time to discuss this now.
17. No one paying attention to this area.
18. We'll muddle through.
19. It's too much hassle.
20. We won't use it.

Missing Belief: Need has Priority

21. No money budgeted, call me next year.
22. We're cutting back.
23. Not a priority now.
24. Timing's not right, see me next mo/yr..
25. I need to think this over.
26. Too many things in front of this.

Missing Belief: Type of Solution Will Work

27. It just won't work for us.
28. Never had good results with _________.
29. This isn't for us.
30. Don't want to stick our necks out on this.
31. You don't have what we need.
32. Your lead times are too long.
33. Management is taking a different track.
34. I need better quality than what you offer.

Missing Belief: Capability & Credibility

35. We want someone in our industry.
36. How do you know it will do that?
37. Never heard of you.
38. You're not large enough to handle the job.
39. I don't like your company.
40. I don't like your products/services.
41a. You don't understand our problems (Insufficient diagnostic interview).
41b. You don't understand our problems (Failure to present your situational analysis before the solutions phase of the presentation).
41c. You don't understand our problems (Unfamiliar with industry/company).
42. Your track record isn't strong enough.
43. Had a bad experience with your company.
44. That can't be done.
45. I don't believe it.
46. I've never heard of your company.
47. You'll have to prove that to me.
48. Never had good results with _________.
49. Your ________ is not good enough.
50. We only buy name brands.
51. You don't have what we need.

Missing Belief: Best Solution - Competitor Ruled Out

52. Don't see any reason to change.
53. We've got to look at a number of suppliers.
54. Been doing business with them for years.
55. Not sure yours will work as well.
56. My brother-in-law is in the business.
57. Don't see any difference.
58. What makes you different?
59. Why should I buy from you?

60. We do it internally with our own people.

61. We want a band aid not a full work over.

62. Costs too much to change to your products.

63. We just like your competitor's product.

Missing Belief: Return on Investment

64. Not in the budget.
65. Your competitor does it for less.
66. Your price is way out of line.
67. Costs too much to change to your products.
68. I can't justify spending that much money.
69. My boss will never approve it (money).
70. Your price is too high.
71. We need a better price.
72. Can't afford it.

73. You'll have to do better than that.

74. Sharpen your pencils.
75. No one will use it.

Missing Belief: Plan will Succeed

76. Can't see how we could implement it.

77. Too much risk.

78. Change is tough to do around here.

79. Too much trouble.
80. They will never buy into it.
81. I'm not comfortable with this idea yet.
82. This is a lot to think about.
83. They will resist doing it.
84. We need time to adjust to this.
85. Don't know how to tell my supplier "no."

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