IV. Central Sales Process
P. Closing Strategies

Obtaining closure on each milestone in the strategic sales plan is a natural part of systematically advancing the sale to closure. But for half the population (both buyers and sellers), with a particular personality preference, getting closure is anxiety producing.

On the other hand, sales people very often don't ask for the order simply because they don't know what buying signs look like or they don't know how to close or both. This course will teach you to recognize buying signs and 39 low pressure high power closing strategies that you can use throughout the sales process. (SDQ Code IV.P.)

Performance Objective: Constructs the sales interaction around major closing strategies so that getting the opportunity to do business is a natural and logical next step. Closing is focused on completing and getting closure on each of the steps in the strategic sales plan.

Learn how to:

  • Learn the closing "mindset" that takes on a life of its own through the power of the "self-fulling prophecy."
  • Understand and learn to recognize "buying signs"
  • Select from 39 closing strategies to learn and use throughout the different phases in the sales process
A. Gain or confirm agreement on steps in the sales process

Alternate Choice Close - either answer advances the sale

  A.2. Erroneous Conclusion Close - correction means conviction
  A.3. Major/Minor Questions - for prospects who have trouble making "big" decisions"
  A.4. Physical Action Close - clearly signal agreement and closure on a step in the sales process
  A.5. Rhetorical Question Close - create positive response set
B. Step-by-step advance the sale and reduce anxiety

Agenda Close - pre-close on next steps

  B.2. Interim Action Plan Close - blocks competition between calls and commits prospect
  B.3. Next Step or Plan of Action - lay out the steps to advance the sale
  B.4. Probability Close - establishes progress in prospect's mind
C. Trade to advance the sale

Answering Questions with Questions - insistent advancement of the sale

  C.2. Give to Get Close - value added
  C.3. Trade-Off Close - get something solid that advances the sale
  C.4. Try It Out Close - puppy dog strategy
D. Reassure the customer

Consultants - This is it! - reaffirms expertise and provides reassurance

  D.2. Customer List - provides credible reassurance
  D.3. Higher or Alternate Authority - assurance from an authority
  D.4. Ownership question Close - creates a "we're together" mindset
  D.5. Show Them How To Own Close - reduces anxiety and provides reassurance
  D.6. Similar Situation Close - reduces anxiety and provides reassurance
  D.7. Take Over - expert steps in to save or advance sale
  D.8. Testimonial Letters - provides credible reassurance
  D.9. Third Party Close - provides credible reassurance
E. Comparison closing

Comparative Question - help the prospect gain a pre-defined perspective.

  E.2. Competitive Comparison Close - compare apples to apples
  E.3. Spotlight Close - intense focus on needed unique selling point
F. Balance Sheets

Balance Sheet Closing - "Ben Franklin" style closes

  F.2. Pro-Con Close - demonstrate the lopsided balance in favor of the "go-ahead" decision
  F.3. Real Dollar Balance Sheet - prevent and close out the price objection and to create a sense of urgency
  F.4. Yardstick Close - provides credible scale for comparing performance, price, etc., critical in negotiations
G. Urgency builders

Credit Close - increase "want" for the item

  G.2. Fire Insurance Close - create sense of urgency
  G.3. Lost Dollar Close - consequences of not solving problem
  G.4. Pending Event Close - create a sense of urgency
  G.5. Save the Company Money Close - consequences of not taking action now
H. Final Closing Strategies

Ask for the Order Directly - make clear you want the sale

  H.2. Basic Written Close - order blank
  H.3. Closing on the Final Objection - stop the flow of "nit-picky" objections
  H.4. Honest Inquiry Close - last ditch effort
  H.5. Summary Close - set expectations, criteria or specifications, wrap up close

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