IV. Central Sales Process
O. Conduct negotiations

Negotiating is a fact of life for the Sales Professional. It could be negotiating delivery schedules, terms, pricing, and many other items.

That being the case, it makes sense then to equip yourself so that you are prepared to take on the negotiator with loads of experience and still come out with a "win-win" by following the basic Principles of negotiations.

Further, many times in sales it seems that everything in the end boils down to "price." In this course, we pay special attention to illustrating how you move from negotiating price to negotiating value.

Performance Objective: Understands the value of what is being negotiated to both parties. Negotiates on principles rather than adversarial tactics.

Learn how to:

  1. Differentiate adversarial negotiation tactics with those of principled negotiations
  2. Learn five different means to establish power
  3. Understand how to counter Adversarial Tactics
  4. Learn about the Fundamental Human Needs and the Business Needs that motivate a person to negotiate
  5. Understand how to use the "Needs-Interests-Position" model to turn non-negotiable "Position" statements into negotiable "Interest" statements
  6. Use mutually acceptable standards to establish the value of the component parts of the package being discussed
  7. Work from statements of "interests" where options can be developed rather than statements of "position" which are non-negotiable and require extensive face saving to change
  8. Counter adversarial tactics
  9. Use the seven Principles of Negotiation

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