IV. Central Sales Process
N. Respond to objections not prevented

Throughout the sales process you are taking specific actions to prevent most of the common sales stopping objections you get. And even with those efforts there will be an objection that gets past the "Prevention" strategy, doesn't get "Preempted" at the appropriate time and now you're faced with having to "Respond" to it. This course is designed to equip you with some of the most effective ways of handling these objections.

Linked to this course are the 85 most common sales stopping objections along with Prevention strategies and Responses that other salespeople have used successfully.

Performance Objective: Uses an objection response strategy to respond to anticipated objections that could not be prevented and to objections that were not expected. Maintains a personal objection preventing and responding strategies notebook.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize an objection when I hear one
  • Use active listening skills to completely understand the objection and establish my right to speak and be heard
  • Begin responses with transition sentences to provide the prospect with support without agreement and to defuse the power of the objection
  • Answer the objection as though it were a question, and explain the "trade-off" benefits to balance or "off-set" the criticism
  • Confirm the acceptance of the answer
  • Engage the prospect in the problem solving process when the objection is unanswerable in order to resolve it to mutual satisfaction
  • Maintain a personal objection preventing and responding strategies notebook

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