IV. Central Sales Process
M. Present solutions that meet customer requirements

Presentations that use the "tell them everything" shotgun approach simply are not as effective as presentations that specifically address and confirm how you will meet the prospect's criteria. The "Value Proposition" presentation style you will learn in this course is an incredibly powerful six step method that will help you strengthen trust and rapport, break the "irrational customer loyalty bond", prevent price pressure, demonstrate competence and activate the plan for implementation without the prospect having to give you the "go-ahead." (SDQ Code IV.M.)

Performance Objective: Establishes right to speak by summarizing and presenting the situational analysis that includes the problems that were uncovered. Lists criteria that include unique and distinctive selling points and confirms with irrefutable logic how the prospect's criteria can be met. Demonstrates bottom-line value in a balance sheet comparison format and discusses a plan for implementation.

Learn how to:

  1. State understanding of prospect's situation that includes the problems uncovered
  2. Define the costs of the problems (subjectively and financially)
  3. List the criteria for selecting a solution that includes unique and distinctive selling points
  4. Use irrefutable logic to confirm how the criteria can be met
  5. Show a side-by-side balance sheet style comparison of what the problems are currently costing the prospect versus what it will cost to get and use my solutions
  6. Lay out a detailed plan for implementation of the solutions

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