IV. Central Sales Process
K. Determine prospect's anticipated benefits

Performance Objective: Determines which benefits the prospect feels are most important to him/her, subordinates, supervisors and other people in other departments that are affected by your products/services.

Our products and services have so many benefits to offer a customer.

Some are unique that only we can offer, some are distinctive in that we and our competitors offer them, but we focus on doing making them noticeably different.With so many benefits to provide the customer, the question becomes which will be the one(s) that motivate purchase?

The purpose of this course is to learn how to ask questions about your benefits in such a way that you will be able to:

  1. Discover true buying motives important to the customer
  2. Rehearse the prospect to sell internally for you when you're not around
  3. Rehearse the prospect to defend the criteria and expectations you helped set thereby turning changeable beliefs into attitudes resistant to change
  4. Competitor proof your customer
  5. Enable the customer to make the claims for benefits to be received thereby transferring the burden of proof from you to the customer
  6. Identify others in the organization who will also receive benefits
  7. Get the decision-maker to feel good about providing benefits to others in the organization

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