IV. Central Sales Process
G. Research prospect's critical business processes, plans, selling environment and identify your competitors in the sale to determine sales strategy and objection prevention plan

In competitive selling, the mission is to determine how, through the use of your products, service and the manner in which your company conducts business, you can competitively advantage your customers by increasing their ability to generate profitable revenues, lower their overall cost of operation, enhance or strengthen their image and/or decrease their vulnerability in their market place.

This means you must understand how they are currently getting their needs met, business plan, competitive pressures, and market fundamentals that significantly impact their ability to buy from you. (SDQ Code IV.G.)

Performance Objective: Gains vital customer and competitor information necessary to develop a win/win sales strategy.

Learn how to:

  1. Identify how the customer makes money and how what I sell impacts their ability to do so

  2. Determine the critical processes necessary for the customer to have a product/service to sell and how my offer impacts this ability

  3. Understand the customer's business plan as it relates to the products/services I sell

  4. Understand the customer's selling environment and how what I sell can competitively advantage them in their market place

  5. Identify current suppliers and the products/services they sell to this prospect

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