IV. Central Sales Process
E. Use interviewing and active listening skills

Before a solution can be presented, needs must first be clearly defined. The only way to identify customer needs is to ask questions using of multiple types of questioning structures then actively (verbally and non-verbally) listen to the answers. Actively listening means that you are conducting a one sided conversation that is totally focused on what customer is communicating. This skill set is a must for all professionals from salespeople to psychotherapists. (SDQ Code IV.E.)

Performance Objective: Utilizes a strategically designed flexible interviewing style with high pay off questions and actively and empathically listens to the answers.

Learn how to:

  1. Develop a series of questions that will provide information necessary to advance the sale following the strategic sales plan

  2. Structure questions in open ended, closed ended, forced choice and rhetorical formats appropriate to the information sought

  3. Actively listen, using acceptance responses, repeating, paraphrasing, summarizing and asking clarifying questions to demonstrate understanding

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