III B . Prospecting Contact Methods

Networking provides you with the ability to gain direct access to decision makers in a "non-business" setting and gain indirect access, via referrals, to key decision-makers. Fact is, people like to work with competent people. The trade, business or professional organization you choose to become active in also provides you a platform to demonstrate competencies to prospective customers. And, networking the right organizations will keep you current in your profession and up to date in your target markets. (SDQ Code III.B.)

Performance Objective: Develops referral sources who not only provide the right level of referrals but who are also willing to give on-going support.

Learn how to:

  • Ask a referred customer for referrals
  • Ask a non-referred customer for referrals
  • Learn to write a brief thank you letter that keeps the door open for you to get help with difficult to contact referred leads

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