III B . Prospecting Contact Methods
Interest Mailers

The amazing "Interest Mailer" series provides a means to gain access to inaccessible decision makers, build relationships indirectly based on demonstrating interest and caring, as well as, generate inbound leads from interested prospects. Interest mailers can now be sent as attachments to email.

The system will also provide you a way back into accounts where the prospect said "no" or otherwise blocked your progress. (SDQ Code III.B.)

Performance Objective: Can gain access to talk with some of the seemingly most inaccessible decision-makers. Uses this series as a part of an overall contact strategy.

Learn how to:

  • Use the 10 critical Buyer Beliefs you are trying to influence in selecting your "Interest Mailers"
  • Select the right decision makers to contact
  • Set up the optimal contact schedule
  • Put a manual implementation system on automatic

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