I. Knowledge Base
B. Gain competitor comparison knowledge

We all have competition. Most of the people we call on in our prospective customer organizations already have someone providing products and services that can fill the same or similar needs we can fill. Others have a choice to use or not to use a product or service. "Do nothing" is also a competitor.

It is difficult to sell against the competition until you know specific information about them. Armed with this information you will know what objections to expect and how to neutralize them. You will know exactly where to focus your conversations with the prospect that will always uncover problems only you can solve. This course will teach you how to find your "unique and distinctive selling points." (SDQ Code I.B.)

Performance Objective: Demonstrates consistent ability to differentiate product/service/company to the customer. Can answer the questions, "What makes you different?" and "Why should I buy from you?"

Learn how to:

  • Define and differentiate the concepts of unique selling points and distinctive selling points
  • Identify competing products/services/companies
  • Collect competitor intelligence and update competitor analysis on a continual basis
  • Differentiate products/services/company from each competitor
  • Identify competitor's advantages that will show up as objections
  • Identify ways to neutralize the competitor's advantages and develop strategies to prevent these predetermined objections
  • Develop standardized, effective responses to these predetermined objections
  • Determine competitor's weaknesses where I have corresponding strengths
  • Translate strengths into features, advantages and benefits
  • Identify the clues, signs or symptoms that indicate a problem exists that can be solved by the company's unique or distinctive selling points

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