Business Email Etiquette
Customer Communications

Electronic mail, commonly known today as "email" uses the Internet to send messages to one or more people.

Today, email software programs standard with most popular operating systems (Windows ® Apple's Macintosh ®, and, Unix)* offer the ability to also send attachments, graphics, audio, animations and movies.

In addition to being a common communication method, email can be used to:

  • Strengthen professional image through the use of businesslike language
  • Enhance efficiency with concise writing
  • Provide rapid response to pressing business issues
  • Enable time for thoughtful communications to customers and others more sensitive inquiries

Learn how to:

    1. Define the purpose for business email “etiquette”
    2. Know if email is the correct communication vehicle
    3. Understand the permanency of email
    4. Know how to use top and bottom information such as addresses, cc’s, subjects & signature lines
    5. Use "Plain Text" or "HTML" Format as appropriate
    6. Know how to structure the message for business purposes
    7. Understand “Emoticons” and abbreviations
    8. Develop an email thread and know when to start a new one
    9. Know what to forward and what not to forward and other tips

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