Combination Course - Value Selling Model - ACE
ACE Value Selling Model

ACE is a favorite of sales professionals who sell highly competitive and price sensitive products and services.

ACE is an "advanced" sales method with the heart of the process being a state of the art question driven value selling model.

Performance Objective: Demonstrates the ability to quickly find needs that can be best met with the benefits provided by your unique and distinctive selling points, quantifies what it costs the customer not to have these benefits using the customer's facts and figures, and sets up the expectation to get these benefits.

Learn how to:
  • Review the process of Profiling and Qualifying a prospect
  • Review the process of Researching the Prospect and the competition
  • Conduct a Competitor Analysis
  • Be familiar with multiple questioning strategies to gain critical information
  • Understand the ACE Value Assessment process and its function
  • Know what objections to expect and how to prevent them
  • Focus the topics of conversation in areas where you are strong, your competitor is weak and the customer has needs
  • Quickly uncover needs that only you can fill with your unique and distinctive selling points
  • Minimize price pressure
  • Set expectations that only you can meet to help the customer rule out the competitor.
  • Help the prospect defend your unique and distinctive selling points

NOTE: Pre-requisite courses to be taken prior to this one: 1) Profiling and Qualifying, 2) Researching the Prospect and 3) Competitor Analysis

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