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HomeContent learning at a fraction of the cost of Instructor Led Training (ILT): Companies are finding it more and more difficult to justify paying highly skilled professionals to "teach content" when the research is very clear that people learn more, faster, and with increased retention if they learn it online - provided that the courses meet certain standards such as those provided by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

People learn online now all the time: Recognize that people learn from the results they get through web-based search engines; people learn from reading their email; and, people learn from studying online brochures. Think what could happen with courses that are engaging, interactive, require thought, have a test to document content mastery, and allow people to learn at their own speed?

Coaching - the ultra high payoff: Now, think what would happen if they were then to participate in practice sessions, Q & A, and direct coaching to develop and refine the skills and strategies? These are the ultra-high payoff activities that companies can readily cost-justify.

Professional coaches don't spend their valuable time teaching the basic knowledge, skills and strategies. They invest their time helping the person excel at execution of what they already know!

Your sales and customer service teams can benefit from your coaching! Support their efforts to learn the content and skills on our two sister sites Register to take the courses to know what to coach and to access the coaching materials we provide at no additional charge.

See www.LearnCustomerServiceOnline.com for more information about the online customer service training courses.



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