Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire - Learn Selling Online Curriculum
Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire Category
Course - Resource
I. Knowledge Base
A. (1) Understand functional product/service and company knowledge
  • Functional Product, Service and Company Knowledge
B. (2) Gain competitor comparison knowledge
  • Competitor Analysis to identify your Unique and Distinctive Selling Points
C. (3) Know the steps in the general strategic sales plan
  • Tactics to Implement each of the Steps in the Diagnostic Strategic Sales Plan
  • Strategic Sales Plan - 116 page E-book and checklist
II. Personal Preparation for Competitive Selling
A. (4) Set goals
  • Goal Setting
B. (5) Warm up and mentally condition
  • Conditioning the Mind for Success (E-book)
III. Prospecting (Internal/External)
A. (6) Profile profitable customers
  • Profiling & Qualifying Prospects
  • Identify Key Decision Makers by the Roles They Play
B. (7) Select appropriate contact methods
  • Telephone Cold Calling
  • Voice Mail Strategy
  • Networking
  • Asking for Referrals
  • Passive Letter (email) Contact Strategy
  • Interest Mailer (email) Contact Strategy
  • Keep In Touch Contact Serie (e-mail, text, IM)
C. (8) Develop prospecting plans
  • Ratio Management
  • Funnel Management
  • Teleblitzing
D. (9) Manage time
  • Time and Territory Management
E. (10) Manage territory
  • Time and Territory Management
F. (11) Manage contacts and opportunities
  • Contact Management Spreadsheet (Download - Spreadsheet)
IV. Central Sales Process
A. (12) Conduct pre-call planning activities
  • Research the Prospect's Critical Business Plans Processes, and Competitive Selling Environment
B. (13) Plan objection prevention strategies
  • Objection Preventing
  • Objection Prevention and Response Strategies developed for the 85 Most Common Sales Stopping Objections (MRM)
  • Priority Prospect / Project (P3) Strategy Sessions (E-book)
C. (14) Initiate the "live" prospect contact
  • Telephone Cold Calling
    Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model (VSS) (FAB/TEA, ACE, or VSS)
D. (15) Establish trust and rapport
  • Establish Trust and Rapport Quickly and Easily
E. (16) Use interviewing and active listening skills
  • Active Listening Skills
    Eight Question Structures (MRM)
F. (17) Refine interpersonal selling strategies
  • Establish Trust and Rapport Quickly and Easily
G. (18) Research prospect's critical business processes, plans, selling environment and identify your competitors to determine the sales strategy and objection prevention plan
  • Research the Prospect
H. (19) Activate sales strategy to discover symptoms that will define problems
  • Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model (VSS) (FAB/TEA, ACE, or VSS)
I. (20) Quantify the cost impact of the problems to establish the value of the solutions
  • Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model (VSS)(FAB/TEA, ACE, or VSS)
J. (21) Establish decision making criteria (Expectations) to select solutions
  • Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model (VSS) (FAB/TEA, ACE, or VSS)
K. (22) Determine prospect's anticipated benefits
  • Benefit Question
L. (23) Block the competition between calls
  • Block the Competition Between Calls
M. (24) Present solutions that meet customer requirements
  • Value Proposition – Presentation
N. (25) Respond to objections not prevented
  • Objection Responding
    85 Most Common Sales Stopping Objections - Response Strategies (MRM)
O. (26) Conduct negotiations
  • Principled Negotiations
P. (27) Close the sale
  • Closing Strategies of the Masters
V. Assuring Customer Satisfaction
A. (28) Reassure the customer
  • Nine Ways to Reassure the Customer (MRM)
B. (29) Check for customer satisfaction
  • Managing Customer Expectations
    Six Strategies to Enhance Customer Satisfaction (MRM)
    Fifteen Clues an Account is in Trouble (MRM)
C. (30) Obtain referral and references
  • Asking for Referrals
D. (31) Obtain repeat business
  • Time and Territory Managment, Ratio Management, Strategic Sales Plan tactics (MRM)

MRM = Master Reference Module
E-book = Multi-page document
Sales Tool = One or two page checklist, form, or spreadsheet.

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